Nov 30, 2009

Green Monday

Today's challenge at ScrapTiffany is a color challenge and the color is GREEN. I love the color green. In fact blue and green are my favorite colors. I love their soothing and organic nature. There are millions of photos I could've scrapped with the color green, but the easiest were some tree trimming pictures I took last year. I had dressed Little Miss all in green for the trip to pick out the tree and she wore the same outfit for the trimming so using these photos for this challenge was a no-brainer.

The theme of this layout is that now that she is into the tree trimming, I finally have someone enthusiastically helping me.

Scott was never that into the whole decorating portion of Christmas and it is so much more fun to decorate with someone who you dont feel like you are roping into a chore :)

Head over to ScrapTiffany and check out the other green layouts. And if you take the challenge be sure to email it to Tiffany.

I have been furiously decorating an advent calendar and I think it is 100% done. I put a last coat of Mod Podge on it for security and shine, so I wasnt able to get a photo of it today, but stop by tomorrow and I'll share what I did with this...


  1. Awesome LO Rebecca!!!!! And what a cutie that girl of yours is!

  2. Love the ribbon on that LO and I cannot WAIT to see that advent calendar!

  3. Super cute layout, love the green challenge!!! :)

  4. LOVE all that green! I got one of those advent calendars to do, too, though I haven't even started on mine. I guess it will be for next year, huh? I can't wait to see yours.

  5. I love the green!!!! And I cannot wait to see what your advent calendar looks like!1

  6. Can't wait to see what you did with your advent calender, I just posted mine, Great layout love the ribbon folding!