Oct 17, 2009

Loads to Share

Well, I havent been the worst blogger, but I definitely havent been the best either. So now I have tons to share. Lots of projects and a bunch of photos too. Just a warning--this post is very photo heavy.

For starters, Scott had a few days off last week and one of those days Little Miss had school. So for the first time in his 2 1/2 years of existence, Little Man had both parents take him out for a morning of fun. We went to the mall and he played for a bit in the splash pad. Then we visited the puppy store.

And then we took him out to lunch at Paradise Cafe where he enjoyed his favorite Macaroni and Cheese and chocolate chip cookie for dessert. I on the other hand had the 1/2 sandwich and salad and passed my cookie to someone whose hips could handle it.
We were sitting just next to the windows and door and the lighting was pretty incredible so I got a few fun pics.

That night, we brought out our yard decorations. Little Man calls this the pumpkin patch (we wont be going to the real patch until next weekend because it is supposed to be in the 100's this weekend). Little Miss keeps asking when we are going to bring out the lights (ummm, not until Christmas lol!).

And finally, I have been busy with projects too. Thanks to my Mom who totally saved me by agreeing to sew Little Miss's Halloween costume, I have had time to do what I enjoy doing! I have been participating in the Color Me Daisy Fall into Fall daily challenges. This was a challenge to use fringe on a card:

And this was a challenge to use fall colors on a non-fall layout:

And finally a challenge to do a layout about someone's nickname:

Also, like I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been making cards for the Cards for Kate drive. Well the drive was expanded to include another child, Eric who was diagnosed with ALD and I made a card for him too:

Well, I think that is all I have for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Check back on Monday for the next ScrapTiffany challenge.


  1. The photos of Little Man are adorable. Sounds as though the three of you had a fun day!

    And I love your cards and layouts. Great work!

  2. Oh my goodness, love the photos, you need to share your secrets with me haha!!! Awesome cards and layouts too!!! Hope you have had a great weekend :) And that food looks delish!!!

  3. The MEGAPHONE?!?!
    That is hilarious.
    My daughter is "The Reporter" because she is always always tattling on her brothers!
    Love your layouts, just darling!
    Have a great Sunday!