Jun 7, 2009

Bouncing Birthday Party

Little Miss celebrated her birthday party on Saturday at an indoor bounce place. Sometime last year she had been invited to a party at the same place and refused to go on any of the bouncers or slides. Scott had to don a wrist band and drag her with him before she realized how fun it was. Sometime over the year and after several more visits, she decided she wanted HER party there. A bunch of her friends came and they pretty much all ran and bounced like maniacs for 75 minutes.  She wouldn't stop. Not to have her picture taken. Barely to say hello to guests. And she ran from bouncer to slide and back again without giving either of her parents much of the time of day. It was such a trip and we were just so glad she had such a great time.

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  1. Oh man! That looks so fun! Glad she had a great party!

    Your PP layouts are awesome!