Mar 1, 2009


Just like my library book this weekend, this post is long overdue. Ugh.

I am feeling pretty tired tonight although no real reason why. We did have a nice enough weekend. Went to the gym--twice! Ordered out last night and left some leftovers for tonight. And the weather can't be beat. Yup, we are wearing summer clothes and playing in water and sandboxes. 

And before you start to curse my name (as you are currently buried in snow), just remember how you'll be laughing your butt off when I tell you that we have had 30+ days of 115 degree heat in a few months.


  1. Hi Rebecca. can you tell me how you got the hero arts blinkie on your blog. I can't get it on mine.

  2. I love the way Little Miss wears hats, she is so adorable. Just like her Nona she can wear hats.:-)
    Pop Pop