Feb 5, 2009

Barnes and Noble Storytime

If you are a stay at home parent to a young one or ones you know we are always searching for fun (and FREE) things to do. Well, we have recently discovered story time at Barnes and Noble. If you search on their site for your location, I am sure one nearby offers this event. Basically, they read a book and then do a small arts and crafts project. And it is all free. Today they even passed out a sample of sugar cookie and smoothie from the store's Starbucks. 

We had a nice time even tough Little Man refused to sit with the other kids and kind of freaked out while doing his project if another kid even came by. I guess he is still a little young for the whole thing, but Little Miss was very into it. When the storyteller asked about the kids' routines in getting ready for school she loudly proclaimed that she doesn't have an alarm clock. Everyone looked our way so I explained, "We don't need one because you get both of us up everyday at 7am sharp." At which point there was a lot of nodding and smiling as we all concurred that kids are the best alarm clocks ever invented.

Of course, their favorite part of the event was getting full sized smoothies and a new book. So I guess it wasn't free after all, but it was certainly fun.

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  1. Ah, the end of a wonderful day then topping it off with a relaxing smoothie.

    Life is good.

    Just love those grandchildren.
    PopPop :-)